"Helping you achieve an orgasm isn't just my business, it's my mission."


Sexual Performance

Want to amp up your bedroom life? Get rid of those insecurities and stressful thoughts. We specialize in ensuring your sexual performance will wow in every situation. 

Couples Therapy

Relationships aren't easy. Let us therapize you and your partner to bring you both to the next level of intimacy. Sexual exploration, role play, fantasy building and more. 

Tantric Workshops


Explore the world of tantric sex and beyond! Our workshops are designed to push the envelope and give you permission to let your freak flag fly. We guarantee you'll never be bored again...



“Sarah Dickmann has truly helped me get in touch with my sexual side and I finally had my first orgasm in 15 years!”


My office can get really wacky sometimes and we were recently approached by a producer interested in turning our day to day work lives into a sitcom! Pretty crazy, right?